The Detox Solution
The missing link to Radiant Health, Abundant Energy, Ideal Weight, and Peace of Mind.
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In The Detox Solution, Fitzgerald fully explains detoxification—an approach to clearing the body of toxins and supporting health that so far has been widely misunderstood. One major misconception is that detoxification can be a "quick fix." New patients often tell Fitzgerald that they have tried to detoxify, but used a 3-day water fast, the 1-week rice regimen, etc. "While someone might feel a bit better after a short-term detox, they’re not going to be able to clear out toxins built up in the body over a lifetime," Fitzgerald notes. "Due to all the toxins we can encounter today, it’s important to support our body’s ongoing detoxification processes on a daily basis."

To clear up the confusion, Fitzgerald was determined to make The Detox Solution a complete, but easy-to-read and practical guide. She succeeds, dividing her coverage into three sections. In Part I, readers become aware of the range of toxins, and then are given ideas to replace or avoid them. In Part II, they learn how the body naturally detoxifies, and the ways these processes are compromised by toxicity. Part III moves on to methods of supporting our detox processes and of building a high state of well-being. Unique in this last portion are rich chapters on emotional and spiritual detox, and here the author also intelligently addresses nutrition, cleansing regimens, working with health practitioners, and more.

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