The Detox Solution
The missing link to Radiant Health, Abundant Energy, Ideal Weight, and Peace of Mind.
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Illumination Press

Detoxification Demystified
in New, Comprehensive Book

The Detox Solution Provides Practical Strategies
for Living in our Toxic Modern World

In these times, toxins seem to hit the news every day. Industrial chemicals detected at school sites. Drugs pulled off shelves because of toxic side effects. Hair dye linked to bladder cancer. Air quality in U.S. cities compared as the smog soup thickens. Human allergies to bio-engineered corn investigated by the FDA. A popular movie starring Julia Roberts—the critically acclaimed Erin Brokovich—was even inspired by the contamination of a tumbleweed town in California’s High Desert by chromium 6, a suspected carcinogen.

While the public is bombarded daily with such evidence of our world’s toxicity and its devastating health effects, solutions are not being so effectively discussed. So charges Patricia Fitzgerald, author of the eye-opening new book The Detox Solution (Illumination Press, ISBN 0-9708299-0-6, $19.95). "Many people are aware of the increase in toxins. They sense that toxicity can affect their health dramatically, but just feel hopeless," Fitzgerald points out. "By creating this book, I wanted to show that there are many ways and opportunities to turn the situation around."